Engineering and Design

Oakland Automation Engineers are multi-disciplined to design many kinds of finishing and pre-treatment systems that require experience and expertise in mechanical, electrical, controls software and fluid handling.

We utilize our years of experience in the paint finishing industry, to accomplish paint finishing projects that vary in their degrees of complexity, from the very simple to the most state of the art. We can and have completed projects with near impossible schedules. Our workmanship and successful installations have left our customers asking us to start their next project.

Oakland Automation systems have the underlying guidance of being robust, reliable, environmentally-safe and low maintenance.

  • By having our engineering team under one roof we can plan, organize and control every aspect of the design and engineering process to properly manage your project.
  • We ensure quality, schedule, and budgetary ideals are met.
  • Our team uses the latest technologies from CAD, Solidworks, and Microsoft Projects to deliver the best engineering packages possible today.

Our engineering team is comprised of mechanical, electrical, PLC and software engineers with many years of paint finishing industry experience. Our team has completed, and can offer you world class service and technology to ensure your system is durable enough to handle the most taxing production environments while providing the flexibility to meet the needs of tomorrow.