Industry Leading Innovation

LATC is a robotically applied liquid coating that adheres to a surface after drying to provide paint protection. 

LATC protects surface finishes from in-plant damage and damage during transit.  The coating is easily removed without the use of solvents or tools.

Applied After Clear Coat Providing Paint Protection from Assembly to Delivery

  • Groco patented coating
  • Unparalleled low-cost protection to painted surfaces
  • Waterborne, low VOC liquid which cures to a fully pliable, easy to peel protective film.
  • Non-hazardous material
  • 100% recyclable

LATC may reduce in-plant downstream mutilation by up to 50% and in-transit mutilation by up to 75%.

  • It is the only low-cost alternative to die-cut materials and rework

Swift, Easy and Robust Global Deployment

  • The application process is automated, precise and fast
  • It eliminates hard tooling, manual film application, the need for adhesive cleanup or use of non-environmentally friendly products
  • It prevents air, water, dirt or debris from entering between the material and paint finish, unlike manually applied type materials.