Washers and Pretreatment Systems

There is no such thing as a world class finish without a clean part.

A clean part is the key to a well-coated part. It’s the foundation for delivering a first-class finish. We custom engineer and design each system to fit the process needs and your available resources.

Autotac manufactures a complete line of automated feather duster (tack off) and blowoff machines for use primarily in the automotive market. AutoTac equipment is a vital element of the vehicle paint preparation process and helps ensure a high-quality paint finish to stand up to extreme weather elements, and user wear and tear.

Experts in Paint Shops Mechanical Cleaning Technologies

Typical Project Types Include:  

  • Automotive OEM Feather Dusters and Blow Off Systems
  • Automotive OEM Wandres Sword Systems
  • Automotive Tier 1 Blow Off Systems

Typical Provisions Include:

  • Turnkey Systems
  • Industrial Engineering and System Health Assessments
  • Tiger Team Dirt Kaizen Projects
  • System Retrofits from ABB, Durr, Lamanair
  • Model Change Upgrades and Enhancements

System Major Components

  • Fixed Feather Duster Machines
  • Articulated Feather Machines
  • Robotic Feather Systems
  • De-Ionized Blow Off Systems
  • Articulated De-Ionized Blow Off Systems
  • Robotic Wandres Sword Systems 

Application Devices

  • AutoTac Feather Rolls
  • Wandres Lara Sword
  • Simco Ion
  • Custom Devices